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WhatsApp Love status 💕💖💘💑

Love is a beautiful feeling of life.. Are you in love???? Then show your love through Whatsapp Love Status. 200 + Best New Whatsapp Love Status for you in below. Please shear your love through Whatsapp Love Status. Let Him/Her know how much feelings you have. Whatsapp Love Status is the best way to show your love. So share the Love status.💕💕 


1. Love is a feeling to feel not a word to said everyone.

2. Store your love for that special someone don't waste it for everyone.

3. I don't said I love you everyday but I promise you to love you till my last day 💏.

4. Love you means I love you for now, for tomorrow till my last breath & after it too.

5. First day I saw you my heart 💖 you are the one for me.

6. Love is a relation make by heart but it can also break heart 💔.

7. Love can happen anytime anywhere with anyone.

8. Whenever I see you my words get stuck in my mouth, every time I can't say how much I love you.

9. True love is magic happens only once in life.

10. Love is a feeling who feel it can't resist it.

11. I love you is not combination of three words it's combination of millions of feelings.

12. Lover can be find anytime but soulmate can find only one time.

13. Love is a treasure keep it safe & secret.

14. A kiss can solve any problem between us.

15. Love always find it's way to reach you wherever you are.

16. Love me or hate me but never forget me.

17. Love is sweeter than honey, sour than tamarind, hard then rock, soft than cloud & valuable than life.

18. There is no good time or bad time with you, all time is lovely with you.

19. I love you & that's really true.

20. I can live without you but I don't want to breath without you.

21. I stay far from you but my heart always with you.   (Whatsapp Love Status)

22. After a long time a I see you it's like a angle in front of me.

23. Something can not be said or understand it just felt by hearts just like love.

Whatsapp Love Status

Love your life partner because she leave her family to stay lifetime with you.

25. Love you means you & me made our own world.

26. Love is easy to find but very hard to kept.

27. True love is not available easily but it can make life most beautiful.

28. Loving a wrong person is like dealing with devil.

29. If you break someone's heart any day your heart will be break by someone.

30. Never misunderstand your love for some rumors.

31. True love never judge you by your wealth if it does then it's not true at all.

32. Love stand upon three pillars trust, understanding & respect, if one of these break then a love can't stand.

33. Everyone fall in love at least once in life.      (Whatsapp Love Status)

34. Life is very short love someone who can make short life special.

35. Love can make a killer to a lover & also a lover to a killer.

36. Every time I see in your eyes I find myself & fall in love with you again.

37. You my love, smile on my face.      (Whatsapp Love Status)

38. True love can conquer any thing.

Whatsapp Love Status

Love can make a life but fake love ruin life.

40. If you are with me my love I can stand against any problem.     (Whatsapp Love Status)

41. True love sometimes give pain, everyone knows truth hurt a bit but at last it win everything.

42. Fake love give you smile not tear because smile can be fake not tear.

43. When I see you I automatically smile.

44. I love you darling I never love someone else in my life.

45. You are OS in my life of computer, I can live without you.

46. Love is pure like worship of God.

47. Love can change life but don't try to change love.      (Whatsapp Love Status)

48. Sometime we may have to take some hard decisions to save our love.

49. Love you can be said one time & kept your words for lifetime.


50. Love is not a quick game it's a game of calmness & patience.

51. My love is so true to you that no one ever replace you in my heart.

52. You are not only my love you become my life since the day I saw you.   (Whatsapp Love Status)

53. Sometime you don't have to say anything all talking make by your eyes.

54. Sometime waiting for you likes a lifetime for me.

55. You not only in my heart, you are in me, my eyes, my thoughts & my soul.

56. I grab your hand not for a while, I want to be my partner till the end.

57. Whenever I see you I completely blink, only I see you.

58. Hearing your voice my heart beat 💖 too fast.     (Whatsapp Love Status)

59. You make my life colourful, I love you my love.

60. With you it's a beautiful dream I don't wanna to open my eyes.

61. Some love started with a fight & become most amazing love story.

62. I have most wonderful amazing beautiful woman as my life my wife, I love you.

63. I want to see you at the day I close my eyes.

64. Kissing you for every time make my heart beat 💖 fast like first time.

65. For some people love is just a word, for me love means you.

66. You became my dream as since I love you.     (Whatsapp Love Status)

67. If you ask how many time I think of you, I say I never thinking of you.

68. You are the most precious person to me in this whole world.

69. Loving you is the only thing I can do perfectly.

70. Love is sometime more painful that I could kill you in your lifetime.

71. I don't want to change you I just want to love you with all your flaws & imperfections.

72. With you I feel happiness inside myself, that I couldn't stop smiling.

73. In the core of my heart it's only you.      (Whatsapp Love Status)

Whatsapp Love Status

You & me complete my world.

75. When you are not around me your thoughts are, I love you my hubby.

76. Loving you make myself to love my life.

77. I'm not only love you I'm addicted to you.

78. Love is ocean of emotions.     (Whatsapp Love Status)

79. Every time I see you your picture click in my heart.

80. You are my that dream which is more beautiful in reality.

81. I can't express my love for you, just look into my eyes & feel it.

82. In millions of faces in the world your face is sweetest in my world.

83. You are not into my heart you are in me.       (Whatsapp Love Status)

84. We can be get old, but not our love

85. Loving one person in different way everyday is amazing.

86. You are the cart of my happy, joy & all I need in life.

87. Before you I think love exists in stories but you make my love into reality.

88. I'm a serious person but with you my funny side revealed.      (Whatsapp Love Status)

89. When I see you I fall in love with you again & again.

90. Your love put live in my life.

91. With you my only concern is you

92. I know without you I can live but without you I can't be myself.

93. When I with you I find my peace in you.      (Whatsapp Love Status)

94. You & me together perfect to me.

95. I want to be with you till the end of the world.

96. You spoiled me with your love, care & kisses.

97. When kiss you your lips not only touch mine you touch my soul too.

98. Love is the most powerful element to change anyone & any situation.   (Whatsapp Love Status)

Whatsapp Love Status

You are a world to me, I love you.


100. With you I don't have to pretend any thing with you I'm originally me.

101. True love always stay with you no matter how bad situation is.

102. True love is most rare jems one can find in life.

103. Love can be find by anyone but true love is founded by some special one. 

104. I love you, not because you are beautiful but you make life meaningful.

105. Rose may be the most beautiful flower but in my life you are the most beautiful flower.

106. I know you belong to someone else but I can't control my heart to fall in love with you.

107. One sided love is most powerful, it not have expectations or boundaries.

108. Your messages puts a sweet smile on my face.     (Whatsapp Love Status)

109. You make me complete with your love I love you.

110. You are so gorgeous that everyone see you as girlfriend but I see you as my wife.

111. Loving you like live my dream, marrying you makes my dream come true.

112. Love is not a easy path to walk, but with holding your hand makes it so comfortable.

113. I just wanna to say you can find anyone better that me but you don't find anyone who love you like me.      (Whatsapp Love Status)

114. What is love? Wanna to fall in it.

115. You are full moon on sky of my life.

116. My life is a calm ocean & you are it's naughty waves.

117. Some relationship started in a weird situation & end in love situation.

118. Some people think marriage is end of love, I think marriage is another journey of love with same person.      (Whatsapp Love Status)

119. Sometimes we don't recognise our true love at first place.

120. Wanna to be loved just love someone truly.

121. I will always there with you no matter I'm in this world or not.

122. You the oasis in desert of life.

123. Roses are red violets are blue my love is always true to you.     (Whatsapp Love Status)

124. Love is one of the beautiful magic that happens to me.

125. Love can be painful if it's true but it's conquer everything.

126. You definitely don't understand meaning of love if you don't fall in it.

127. Love is a simple word to say with a deepest meaning in it.

128. If you love someone then love that person truly don't flirt.     (Whatsapp Love Status)

Whatsapp Love Status

When I first saw you I can't stop looking at you.

130. Sometime love is misunderstand by people who mix love with flirt.

131. Sometime we fight a lot but at the love always win.

132. Sometime I scold at you that doesn't me I don't love you, I just have fear to loose you.

133. One day you came into my life now you become my whole life.      (Whatsapp Love Status)

134. Love can be more beautiful with a right person.

135. I love you not only a word to express your love, it's also a serious commitment.

136. Never flirt with anyone who love you more than anything.

137. True love always need sacrifices so if you love someone make yourself commuted for it.

138. Love is like a beautiful rose, at the end you get flower before you have to across the spikes.

139. You not only my love or my wife you are my life.

140. You always complain I don't admire you, I love you not only for your beauty although you look perfect to me every time.

141. Love is a seed which needs care, attention, trust, loyalty & understanding to grow in a tree.

142. If you love someone then say it, sometime life only give you one chance to express your love.

143. Some get betrayed in love that doesn't mean love is not good it just you love a bad person.

144. Sometime my eyes can say how much I love you.

145. Sometimes true love can be happen in just a moment it doesn't not years to know.

146. After loving you my favorite hobby is to sit alone & thinking of you.

147. One thought of yours can change my bad mood.    (Whatsapp Love Status)

148. Talking with you sitting with you seeing you smiling & I forgot all tiredness.

Whatsapp Love Status

No words I need to explain how much I love you.


150. When I saw tear in your eyes I don't cry that true but my heart does.

151. Sometime I fight with you, at end of the day I just wanna hug you & just be with you.

152. I know I'm not that person you truly deserve, with you I make myself one.

153. With you my love I can enjoy every roller coaster ride of life, I love you.       (Whatsapp Love Status)

154. Love can unit two people from two different part.

155. My love never change for you whatever the situation is.

156. You are a beautiful poem which I never want to finish.

157. You are not the better half of me, you are the best which I got in life, I love you my wife.

158. When you touch me it's like a electric shock to wake all my senses.     (Whatsapp Love Status)

159. When I see you I see my better side.

160. Sometime I don't lesson to your words because I just lost in your eyes.

161. When I first saw you I just sink in deep ocean of your eyes.

162. In love relationship treat your partner like as much you want be treated yourself.

163. Love can be greater than anything if it's true.     (Whatsapp Love Status)

164. Love is so powerful that it could change anyone.

165. Sometime heart can be break in love, that doesn't mean you hate love.

166. Love is a moment powerful element although you can't see touch or hear it you only can feel it.

167. Sometime you feel lonely in love, if it's true then it's always here for you.

168. Sometime you have to give up love for your love ones.      (Whatsapp Love Status)

Whatsapp Love Status

When I see in your eyes it's like all my dreams come true.

170. Love has a universal language which can be feel by hearts.

171. I love you is not a sentence to be say to everyone.

172. You are the password of my heart.

173. I just don't want to love you when we are young I want to be with you when we get old too.

174. Whenever I see you I want to say everything but everytime I fail.

175. Real love doesn't show by costly gifts it show by care, trust & understanding.

176. I just want to be your shadow always with you no matter what happened, I love you.

177. Yes I have a small heart there is only place for you to live.     (Whatsapp Love Status)

178. Love has different meaning to different people for someone it's true as God for someone is fake as flirt.

179. Love is a complicated word, for some one it's another name of life & someone another pain of life.

180. Love is life, it's so true but love is pain it's also true.

181. Love is form of God in another way.

182. Listen to me never leave me alone even though I tell you to do so.

183. Sometime I make you angry just to pamper you more than regular time.

184. I will love you tomorrow more than today.

185. Wake up & kiss you is just a very lovely good morning for me.

186. Love is the only thing you have to cherish all your life.     (Whatsapp Love Status)

187. I know sometimes I'm very busy with work but you know I love you my baby.

188. With you I can be more than happy I ever be.

189. You are the reason of my constant smile.

190. I love your smile, I love your eyes, I love your attitude, I love your heart, I love your soul.

191. Love is most powerful thing in anyone's life, that can change anyone.

192. Girls are always shorter than guys so that she can hear his man's heart.

193. Before you I was so careless but after you I only care it's you.    (Whatsapp Love Status)

194. Before you I can't understand meaning of true love.

195. Love can ruin anyone life in moment, & make a ruin life in a moment.

196. When I see you open hair in air it's like a most beautiful girl in my life.

197. Love is a painting that can't be make by one person, you need to work together.

198. I just want to sleep in your arms in peace.     (Whatsapp Love Status)

199. Holding your hand I can easily walk on path of my life.

200. I can do anything for your happiness even I can leave you, I love you.

201. When we are together anything doesn't come in mind my except you.

202. I only see my whole world in your eyes.

203. If you love someone only listen to your heart not mind.      (Whatsapp Love Status)

204. You, me & rain perfect romantic date of us.

205. Love can be ray of light in darkest night of life.

206. You absorb in my heart from the path of eyes.

207. Love can happen with anyone it never bounded by any social boundaries.

208. Love is ocean, you & me it's fishes.       (Whatsapp Love Status)

Whatsapp Love Status

When I hug you all my problems get disappear.

210. When I saw you first I fall in love with you & I know you also 💏.       (Whatsapp Love Status)

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