Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English

Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English 💕💖💘💑😊🎇🎆💞

Lovely Status can describe your love, passion, personality & life.. Are you believe in everything can be lovely we just have to change our vision to show your vision with Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English. 100 Best new & unique Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English for you in below. Please shear your passion & vision through Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English. Let your family, friends & loved ones know who you really are. Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English is the best way to show yourself to otjoth. So share the Lovely Status.💕💕


1. I can't explain why I love you, I just know I love you.

2. Life is a playground where we sometimes win & sometimes loose.

3. Sometimes loneliness can be most comfortable state of our lives.

4. A heart full of love is the real temple of God

5. Looking at smiling baby face always makes our day.

Cute love status in English

6. No matter how far we are I always care for you. (Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English)

7. One sided love is more powerful because it's only belongs to me.

8. Love can be find in some unexpected places....

9. My life is only full of you.

10. Always care for your life because it's only one you have.

11. Sometime you have to choose between love & other things, that time always listen to your heart.

12. Colors that makes our world more beautiful.

13. Love can be happen by heart not by mind.

14. Life is a mystery sometimes when we want to live it can't stay, when we don't it's not end.

15. Give time to your loved ones, it's make your relation more stronger.

16. Life is full of little surprises always cherish them.

17. Life is a wonderful journey with lots of hurdle.

18. Live your life in your own term & condition, don't think too much about others.

One line love status in English
19. Love never cheated on anyone, it's just we love a wrong person. (Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English)

20. Love is not only a word it's a huge responsibility.

21. Sometimes we need to be like let it go.

22. I love to listen your lies when I know the truth.

23. Sometimes we just need to love ourselves than others.

Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English

Live your life like a wise king, meet with everyone like a saint.

25. Sometimes life give us only one chance to say about our feelings so say it don't wait.

26. Love can't define by words but it's gives meaning to our life.

27. No, I'm not perfect but I'm unique.

28. Hand in hand eyes on eyes life can be so nice...

29. Grow stronger in love is the most beautiful thing.

2 line love status in English
30. Falling love with wrong person can break your heart but give a lifelong lesson. (Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English)

31. Don't love someone with any condition, that person should love you too.

32. I don't know how my life without you & I don't want to know it at all.

33. One sided love is more powerful than anything else.

34. Waiting for someone knowing that person never come, it's very painful.

35. Your smile can make day bright.

36. If you break someone's heart then ready to get hurt

37. If you want respect then learn to give it others first.

38. Love someone blindly it's not a good thing to do.

39. Never ignore a person who always with you in your bad times.

40. Smile like a flower fight like a strong tree...Yea that's me

41. I love you it's no matter you love me or not.

Love status in English for girlfriend
42. Love can be happen many times but true love can be happen many times with same person. (Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English)

43. Love is a breeze feel it enjoy it but don't try to catch it.

44. A person can be more genuine than its look like...

45. Your voice is most lovely sound I have ever heard.

46. It's not possible for me to stay away from your heart anymore.

47. Life can be more beautiful if there is someone who love you genuinely.

Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English

If it's possible I could spent with you every moment of my lifetime.

49. Love is a wonderful feeling if it's happened with a right person.

50. A life is a long journey, so always try to be honest with yourself.

51. Love can make your life but it can also break your life.

52. I just wanna to live with you for rest of my life & after it too...

53. Life can be most simple if you see everything in positive way.

54. Smile atleast once in everyday's life, it can reduce stress.

English status
55. Always smile in tough situation because it gives strength to fight. (Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English)

56. If you are in depression then go to the valley of nature.

57. Love only be defined by love.

58. Children are the most beautiful creation of God, always smile at them.

59. Never give up hope on yourself unless everybody will do the same.

60. Life is a wonderful journey to done by a beautiful smile.

61. Love can be bright as sunlight also can smoothing like moonlight.

62. Love is not a word it's a commitment to your lover.

63. Love can be happen by heart if it's happened with mind then it's a game.

64. Life is a wonderful gift cherish it everyone doesn't have it.

65. If life is a blank paper then write your story

66. Life can be short but make it significant.

Love status in English for boyfriend
67. I love you, can be said many times but it's hold for lifetime. (Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English)

68. I don't know where how when I fall in love with you all I know I just love you...

69. Love can make anyone's more responsible, wise & caring.

70. You are the light , you are the night, you are the colour of my blood. You are the pain, you are the cure. You are the only one I want to touch.

71. are the only......I miss you so that you're gone.

Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English

God is a huge tree & we are the fruits & flowers of it...

73. Don't. .....don't be afraid.....I will be by your side leading the way.

74. If this night is not forever. At least we are togather I know I am not alone anywhere and whenever.

75. Whenever your heart is broken.... Don't ever forget your golden.... I will find the light in your soul and i will be there.

76. Life is a ocean of mystery & every moment is a new adventure.

77. Never leaving you in darkness even when you are out of focus. I will be the light of your life.

Cute WhatsApp status for love

78. Me "single"  is not a status..... but it is a word that describes that I can live with out depending on anyone.... (Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English)

79. I can only imagine how is to be with you... from the first day I saw your face. I know this love was true....

80. Love can be happen many times but true love comes once in a lifetime.

81. I feel love...... when I look into your eyes... I believe...... if you move out of my side....I will losing grip on you..

82. My pain may be the someone's reason for laugh but my smile never be the reason for someone's pain.

83. All I need is you... where you up your heart and again let me in.

84. If you are my companion then life will spent without any worries

Cute love status in English

85. Cause baby you are the only one I am coming for. (Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English)

86. I need you love....I need your time...when everything make it right.

87. I feel so high...I come alive....I need to be free with you to night...I need you love...

88. If love could have a face then I'm sure it will be your's

89. I take breath every time...when I pass close to you... I know you are their but I can't see anything except you.

90. I want you for ever... don't act like you don't feel it... I should have loved you bater.

91. It's killing me that you are gone.... how the hell I move on ....

92. Life is gift card don't waste it to buy jerks.

93. It's killing sometimes inside to see my love once in pain.

Cute WhatsApp status for love

94. You are the reason of my happiness, when I close to my I only see you. I love you. (Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English)

95. Love is not a feeling for a moment it's a commitment for lifetime to only one person.

96. You are the only beautiful flower in garden of my life.

97. I can't say I love you everytime but every moment of my life only belongs to you.

98. First you have to say I love you to yourself because a person can't love anyone without loving him/herself.

99. Life is most beautiful gift to you just change your vision towards it.

Lovely Status for WhatsApp in English

Someone ask me how my life is & I replied she's doing great.

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