[100] Best congratulations message for wedding

Best congratulations message for wedding 🌼💖💏💐🌸💑💖

Wedding is one the best day of anyone's life. Wedding is a beginning of a new life journey.  Wish your nearest & dearest one with this 100 unique Best congratulations message for wedding. You can share this 100 unique Best congratulations message for wedding in your WhatsApp Status or in Facebook wall. Express your love, blessings & happiness with your near & dear ones with this Best congratulations message for wedding.💏💖👫💞💍🌹👰💐💑🌸


1. Congratulations on your wedding wishing you a sweet married life...

2. Wishing you both a life time of everlasting love and happiness.

3. May warm and special moments brighten up your day.

4. You are a spacial couple and you complete each other.

5. May your hearts will be full of love & your life full of happiness... Happy Wedding

6. May this be the beginning of a wonderful life ahead. (Best congratulations message for wedding)

7. I pray to God to bless both of you with wonderful married life.

8. That filed with harmony, romance and love. Have a happy life.

9. Wishing you a love that grows stronger with each passing days.

10. Thanks for inviting me on your very special day, may God always bless you with love, happiness and prosperity.

11. You are a wonderful couple that complete each other. Stay together.

12. Best wishes and good luck cheers forever.

13. This day of celebration is formed by the union of two lives, two hearts and two souls.

14. Two lives will become one. Two hearts will be joined and two souls melded together.

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15. When I see you I see a perfect couple. be always there for each other, stay like this & have a good life...Happy Wedding my friend

16. As you stand before each other, taking the vows all of your tomorrow.

17.  Your hand and your heart will be entwined forever.

18. Cherish this union as you step forward together leaving behind I and me, enjoying the we and us.(Best congratulations message for wedding)

19. With each new sunrise adding to your strong foundation of love.

20. May your hearts always connected to each other...Happy Wedding Dear

21. Hold onto your faith in the beauty of all your tomorrows yet to come and remember that the following steps are often beautiful rainbow.

22. Congratulations on your wedding day to love, laughter and happily ever after.

23. Wishing you a life time of love and happiness.(Best congratulations message for wedding)

24. Your wedding day will come and go but may your love forever grow.

25. Have a great memorable journey of life after this very special day...May God always bless you.

26. Best wishes on this wonderful journey, as you build your new life together.

27. May the love you shear today go stronger as you grow together.

Wedding Messages to Couple

28. May your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine ever.

29. May today is the beginning of a long, happy and joy full life together.

Congratulations message for wedding

     Take hand in hand & lead sweetest adventure of life...Happy Married Life

31. Wishing you a love, joy and happiness on your wedding day and as you begin your new life together.

32. May the love and happiness you fell today shine through the years.

33. Wishing you a never ending love and the most happy life together.(Best congratulations message for wedding)

34. May your married life bring you the most beautiful memories.

35. May every day of your marriage life will become more beautiful than yesterday...Happy Wedding

36. Congratulations ! wishing  you the true happiness reaching every corner of your heart.

37. Today you start the new journey of your life... let it be fantastic, crazy, wonderfull and unforgettable.

38. You two really have that sparkle in your hearts and that twinkil your eyes. May you joy togather rise.(Best congratulations message for wedding)

39. Wish you both a new happy married life ahead.

40. May your marriage life bloom like a beautiful flower...Happy Wedding My Dear

41. May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy.

42. May your love story should be magical & charming like a fairly tale...Congratulations on your wedding....

43. Your love always brighten like stars & your marriage life should be full of stars... Happy Married Life

44. Your marriage life should full of love & laughs...Happy Wedding

45. Thank you for inviting me on this special occasion I can only bless you with true love, happiness & joy

46. Wedding is one of the most significant day of everyone's life...I wish you could enjoy this day, also each & everyday of your life...Happy Married Life

Wedding Wishes for a Friend

47. Thank you for inviting me on this glorious day of your life...May God shower blessings of love & joy on you...Happy Married Life (Best congratulations message for wedding)

48. Marriage is not just a ceremony it's a life time promise to be kept for whole life, so just keep your promises & hold hand in hand...Happy Wedding

49. May your wedding day fill with happiness & laugh...Happy Wedding Day

50. May God shower blessings on your wedding & through out your life. Congratulations on your wedding 

51. Congratulations both of you on this very special day of your life...May your life will full of happy memories.

52. A new beginning of your life will be full of love, bliss & prosperity.... Happy Married Life

53. Love binds your two hearts in this unity & May this love & unity binds your throughout your life... Congratulations on your wedding.

54. I hope together you full fill all your dreams hand in hand...Happy Wedding Day


56. A wedding will unite you in a love bond & this bond stay with you whole life...Happy Life Ahead.

57. Wishing you in this wonderful beginning & a memorable journey...Happy Wedding

58. May your hearts always beat for each other & you always think for each other...Happy Married Life (Best congratulations message for wedding)

59. Hope you both have an endless love story & a memorable new journey...Congratulations on your wedding day

Congratulations message for wedding

      May your love never ends like circle of your never ending wedding ring... Happy Wedding Day

61. May this new beginning starts with some awesome moments & to be continued with a fabulous life...Happy Wedding.

62. I hope you will stand by each other in wealth & sickness, enjoy every moment of your life....Happy Married Life.

63. Hope you guys stay together in coldest nights & hottest day of life...Happy Wedding.

64. Wishing you with never ending love & a joyful life a head... Happy Married Life

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65. May your love become eternal love...May your wedding become happiest one...Happy Wedding

66. May your dream wedding become most beautiful day of your life....Congratulations on your wedding.(Best congratulations message for wedding)

67. Heartiest wishes on your wedding my friend hope this happiness last long in your life.

68. May your love grow year after year with companionship of each other.

69. Congratulations on your marriage you guys are so wonderful that I hope you will have a wonderful life ahead...Happy Wedding

70. May God bless you through your married life A& you become a happy joyful family...Happy Wedding

71. May God bless you with best things in your life... Happy Wedding

72. May your bond get stronger in passing every year... Congratulations on your wedding

73. I know you could make a wonderful couple & have a great journey of life...Happy Married Life(Best congratulations message for wedding)

74. Together you will make a lovable family with love & care... Happy Married Life My Dear

75. May this wedding units your two hearts & souls united into one...Happy Wedding

76. Heartiest wishes for newly weds...May your life full of love & joy.

77. May your love be foundation of your new life...Happy Married Life

78. Marriage is a beautiful ceremony to bond two souls into one heart...May you have a great life a head.

79. Happiness of this day may continue through your life...Happy Wedding.

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80. Your love may grow day by day...Bless you on your wedding day

81. Your wedding day is on the beautiful day I ever witness...May this beauty last long ever.

82. May you have a love & prosperous life that last ever...Happy Married Life(Best congratulations message for wedding)

83. May your life grow surrounding  love & happiness...Happy Wedding

84. May happiness & love will find you every moment of your life...Happy Married Life

85. Your married life will fragrant like beautiful roses...Happy Wedding

86. Wishing a beautiful life for the most beautiful couple...Happy Wedding My Little Princess

87. Wedding day is only one glorious day of your life...May this glory will continue till end of your life...Happy Wedding

88. May your married life full of faith, compatibility, love & care...Hope you have a great life.(Best congratulations message for wedding)

89. Congratulations on your wedding...It's one of the beautiful day to be join with you.

Congratulations message for wedding

      May your life fill with eternal love & happiness...Happy Wedding

91. To the beautiful bride & groom this day's joy will last forever...Happy Married Life

92. Marriage is not a day of celebration it's a celebration for life...May you have a most celebrated life

93. May you have a wonderful beginning of a great journey...Happy Married Life(Best congratulations message for wedding)

94. May your happiness lasts for forever & you will live happily ever after....Happy Wedding

95. May your weeding day fill with blessings & married life fill with eternal joy...Happy Wedding Day

96. This wedding party will be end today but it's joy will last forever...Happy Wedding Day

Wedding Wishes for a Friend

97. Your love may grow stronger with every step of your life...Happy Married Life

98. Thank you for sharing happiness of your special day with me...Congratulations on your wedding day

99. Your love story is a fairly tale & unless it's happiness continue ever after... Happy Wedding(Best congratulations message for wedding)

100. Wedding is a journey of love & it may not end for your whole life...Happy Wedding

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