[[Best]] 50 Good Night Status

Good Night Status 💗 ✨ 🌃 🌉

A special Good Night message is a sweet way to say bye for that day to your loved ones. A special sweet Good Night Status for someone very special make that whole day very special. Let your loved ones know how much you care, love & think of them as the day end. Be feel love of your heart GF/BF with this special romantic status. Post this sweet unique Good Night Status on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram other social media to show your love in a coolest way before bedtime. Share this unique Best 50 Good Night Status to your friends and family to make them feel so special.


1. Every night is a new beginning of everyday. So sleep well.

2. There is magic in every night, feel that magic of stars & sky. Have a very sweet Good Night.

3. There are lots of shining stars in night sky but you the only moon of my sky. Good Night

4. Take a step back & enjoy beauty of nature with silent night sky. Good Night

5. Always look forward for new hope, who knows what tomorrow brings to you. Good Night Sweet Dreams

6. The sky in day is reality, the sky in night is dream world. Good Night

7. I wish your mind could take rest in peace for tomorrow. Good Night (Good Night Status)

8. A lovely night sky that could anyone wish for today's night. Good Night Sweet Dreams.

9. I wish I could with you right now to hold you tight in my arm. But now my wishes will hold you tight for rest of the night. Have good night. I miss you

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Good Night Status

I wish you a very good night, sleep tight & tomorrow will be a new morning with some new dreams. GOOD NIGHT

11. Night bring to us some good dreams of our loved ones. Good Night

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12. Every night has a new morning just like every ending has new beginning. Good Night

13. May every night is dark but some darkness is way to light. Good Night

14. Every night become more special as I could spent it with you. Good Night My Love.

15. May this night all the angels from heaven will write your wonderful story of tomorrow's morning. Good Night Sweet Dreams.

16. Good Night Sweet Dreams My Love...Meet With You In Dream Land. (Good Night Status)

Good Night Status in English for GF

17. One day we will be together for rest of the life. But for now lets meet each other in dreams. Good Night Sweet Dreams


19. Night is the most dreamy time of our whole day. So take a step back & lets all the talks done by stars, when fall asleep. Good Night To All.

Good Night Status

You are the most beautiful sweet dream of my night. I love you & Good Night

21. Always have a good, good night sleep that could bring new energy to your body & mind for rest of the day. Have a very good night.

22. Night is the only time when we have some times with ourselves, to find some alone time. Take that time & have good night.

23. A sweet good night kiss to my prince, my love. Come to my dream & we will be together again. Good Night Mr. Smarty (Good Night Status)

24. Spending whole night in your arms is like a sweet dream to me. Good Night

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25. My friends are most brightest stars in my sky of night. They are always with me weather I could see them or not. Good Night To All My Friends.

26. Dear Brain go a sleep mode, stop thinking of anything & let the body shut down so that I could sleep.

27. A peaceful mind is warehouse of energy, a sound sleep make mind peaceful. Sleep tight, good night.

28. Hope you will have a wonderful night  & wake up with a beautiful morning. Good Night My Sweet Friend.

29. Tonight you will sleep not in arm but in my hearts. Good Night Darling. I love you

Good Night Status

Night is the time to take rest & get for a fresh start. Good Night

Good Night 2 Line Status in English

31. Wanna to have a great day then go to bed for good night sleep. Good Night & Sweet Dream My Friend. (Good Night Status)

32. Night is the best way to take ourselves to a new dreamy world as whole world around us fall asleep. Good Night World

33. One day is ending again, I'm very lucky to have friend like you at my side to make everyday so wonderful. Good Night My Friend

34. You always dream about most closest person in your life. But don't make it habit, I'm not free always. Good Night 😎 😁

35. Good Night to all friends. God always watching you & bless you with all goodness.

36. My sweet dreams start with a kiss of yours. Good Night My Love

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37. Night is the time to meet with our deserted friend pillow & blanket. Two most comfortable couple. Good Night

38. Most of the things set better or we supposed to get better with a good night sleep. (Good Night Status)

39. Listen to your heart always, may be some times it sound stupid but do it. Good Night

Good Night Status

May all your dreams in night become true in daylight. GOOD NIGHT

41. Sleep doesn't come with closing eyes, it comes with closing WiFi & internet connection. Good Night

Good Night Message in English for WhatsApp

42. Good Night Star, Good Night Moon, Good Night to This World.

43. Good Night to all & hope we all have a beautiful, awesome & wonderful morning tomorrow.

44. Good Night to all my friends. Hope all your dreams come true & all your worries get out.

45. Hey baby please come to my dreams of every night until my dream come true. Good Night I love you.

46. I love to sleep because it's the only time when I get rid off reality. Good Night (Good Night Status)

47. Sorry Night... I always get angry with you in childhood because I have to get sleep. Now I love you because I have to get sleep.

48. You are the reason why I have sleepless nights. You are the reason why I tend to hold my pillow tight. And you are the reason I can’t sleep without saying goodnight.

49. Goodnight everybody, have a great sleep and I hope that you have a great day tomorrow. Take care and smile, a lot.

Good Night Status

Good Night My Sweetest Dream, Please Come True Tomorrow Morning.

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