Best 50 Royal Attitude Status in English

Royal Attitude Status in English

Attitude is more important in our life that's define our personality. Attitude and ego don't mix them ego is arrogant which not cool but attitude is personality which is coolest thing we ever have. Here are some cool unique super Best 50 Royal Attitude Status in English to show the world who really you are. Everyone has their different kind of attitude & all are unique in their own way just like our Best 50 Royal Attitude Status in English. Share in WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & other social media this Royal Attitude Status in English to show everyone, let your attitude speaks for you.


1. Be yourself because you are only one original copy of yourself, don't try to copy.

2. I don't take right decision. I take decision & make them perfect.

3. You don't like me? Oh that's a shame not for me for you dude.

4. If someone walk away from you with out any reason then make sure that person walk as far as can & don't take a turn.

5. You love me I love you, you hate me I don't care honey.

6. Be cool too fool, a fool never understand your anger.

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7. You leave me without any fault then don't come back with any excuse.


Some queens don't need kings to shine.

9. I'm a like a mirror reflect what you really are. (Royal Attitude Status in English)

10. My attitude has no copyright at all honey.

11. When you think there is nothing left in your life, get up & get ready to fight again.

12. Love me or hate me...Who cares about your opinion dude.

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13. Make sure you never play game with me, you better know I'm a great finisher.

14. Phones are better that GF, atleast you can switch off it or make silent of course.

15. I'm not at all sorry if you don't understand my level of attitude.


I am too kind to forgive you but not fool enough to trust you again darling.

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17. If you know me then don't mess with my attitude.

18. Hardest thing in life is walking alone, but it makes us more stronger than you think.

19. Don't judge me by my past, know me who I'm now.

20. Hey good to know you are a player. Well hello I'm your new coach.(Royal Attitude Status in English)

21. Each time I think of quit smoking, I need a cigarette to think it through.

22. I was born cool like ice but it's the global warming that make me too hot.

23. Your attitude define who you really are.


I am not a girly girl or a tomboy I am just has my own way of style & that's my attitude.

25. Hey wait dude there something under my shoes...Oh shit it's your attitude, keep it.

26. Always have guts to make your own story.

27. Be a girl with a mind, a bitch with an attitude, and a lady with class

28. Yes I have attitude with condition apply.(Royal Attitude Status in English)

29. Beauty catches the eyes but personality captures the heart.

30. Remember you are a unique one just like rest of the world.

31. Before you judge me darling make sure you are Mr. Perfect.

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I know I'm not best, I know I'm a limited edition.

33. Jealously is a dangerous disease. Get well soon dear.

34. I don't have ego it's my attitude that you can't handle.

35. I am a strange combo of cool personality & hot attitude.

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36. If you have a killer attitude then my attitude will kill you already.

37. You can see me like an angel, but you must know I have all the qualities of devil...Be careful

38. Hate me or love me, I'm still gona shine.

39. When you behave nice, I will be wise but you are bad then I will be devil for sure.(Royal Attitude Status in English)

Royal Attitude Status in English for Boys


Don't need anyone to trust me, I believe in myself & that's enough for me.

42. If people laugh at you because you are different, laugh them back because they all are same.

43. When life gets tough then make sure you become more tough.

44. Make yourself drug to others, get them addicted to you.

45. Time is more precious than you think, waste it wisely.

46. My attitude is a rare gift of mine, don't wanna to loose it for anyone not worthy.

47. If size really matter that elephant would be the king of jungle.(Royal Attitude Status in English)

Attitude Status for Girls


Your mind is a weapon trigger it with your great attitude.

49. If you treat me like a joke, then I will left you like laugh.

50. Don't be happy, don't forgive anyone. I just waiting for my turn to destroy them all.

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  2. Hardest thing in life is walking alone, but it makes us more stronger than you think

  3. Don’t say no one likes me.!
    just say: There is no one like me.