50 Best Unique Status for Friends Forever

Status for Friends Forever😃😃💖💕🌸🌼

Friends are the most precious gift one can have in their life. Friends are those person whom we choose to stay with us for forever. All of us have at least one friend in their life. Friends are those person who make us laugh in the darkest moment of life, make every moments as lightest as possible. Friends are not our family member but they are or family outside our home. Celebrate these type of cool friendship with our 50 unique awesome Status for Friends Forever. Share these Status for Friends Forever into your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & social medias to show you love, care to yours another family, your friends.


1. Friendship can be started for one time & last for lifetime.

2. If you find a friend who is true then make that one to a forever one.

3. Friendship is for forever not for a moment.

4. True friends will stay with you till last day of our life, never misunderstand them.

5. If you are not loyal towards your friends then you can't loyal to anyone else. (Status for Friends Forever)

6. Love may or may not stay for lifetime. But friendship always stay for lifetime.

7. Friendship is a flower which never get to fade.

8. Friends are those relative who always with us no matter what happens with us.

9. Friendship is a treasure which can be cherish for lifetime.

10. Friendship is a circle without any end.

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11. Everyone has a friend during each stage of life. But only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life.

12. A true friend is a blessing of God.

13. Friends can cure any wound of life. (Status for Friends Forever)

14. A true friend can't only be your friend, it's your guide, shelter, philosopher.


Besties, buddys, bae, bff whatever you call actually friends are our heartbeats.

16. Having friends for life having a sweet medicine for lifetime.

17. We can only do stupid things with our crazy friends.

18. Life can't become more sweeter without our friends. (Status for Friends Forever)

19. Friends never come with price tag, they come with unconditional love.

20. I don't know how could I find my friends with same mental disorder.

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21. My best friend is mirror image of mine.

22. A True Friend + Lifetime = Forever Relief

23. Love may have different shades but friendship has only one shade in life.

24. Friends are like flower they all are beautiful in their own way.

25. If you don't have any true friend then you are a poor person although you have everything. (Status for Friends Forever)

26. Life become more interesting with good old cool friends.

27. A true friend know all your good & bad but never judge you for that.

28. A friend can be with you in all ups & downs in your life.

29. Friends can be crazy funny or cool that's make our life more & more interesting.


Celebrating with friends can make that moment more special.

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31. Friends are like most shinning stars of our life, they are always there no matter if they are seen or not.

32. If we have some loving friends in our life then we have everything. (Status for Friends Forever)

33. Always staying with friends make us life like top of the world.

34. BFF is not just a word its having a person who could hold our hand in any situation.

35. A friend can cure every wound of our heart.

36. A loving friend is more better than thousand lover.

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37. Love can ditch you but a true friend cannot ditch you at all.

38. Love can change you but friendship brings the best of you.

39. If you have true friend for life then you are too lucky.

40. Friends are there to stay with us for every moment of our live. (Status for Friends Forever)

41. If you have a bunch of loving friends then you don't any any lover.

42. A loving friend is best feeling of this world one can have.

43. Friends having in quality is more effective then friends having in quantity.

44. Friends are the sweetest sweet of our lives.


Some pictures are not actually a picture; They are the sweetest moment of life. (Status for Friends Forever)

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46. My mom think I become crazy because of my friends but she doesn't know I made my friends crazy like me.

47. Good Friends + Cool Moments = Awesome Time

48. A good friend is always indeed.

49. Having moment with friends it's like stress relieving for us.

50. A friend can know all our secret & terror but always with you for forever. (Status for Friends Forever)

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