[Best] 50 Beautiful Status About Love

Beautiful Status About Love💓💕💑💟

Love is one of the most beautiful feeling one can have in life. Love can make everything most beautiful in life. When we fall in love everything around us has a new meaning in life. Love becomes more beautiful when it happens with a right person, unless it's a painful experience. Love is one language that understand by everyone. Every word, every letter could not define love, it's just a fabulous feeling everyone can feel. Here we just try to give meaning of that feeling with our Beautiful Status About Love. This awesome lovely unique Beautiful Status About Love gives your feeling of love into a new language. It's always a pleasure make your lover feel how much you love him/her. Here this Beautiful Status About Love could help you to do so. Share Beautiful Status About Love to your GF/Wife or BF/Husband in WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & other social media and give them a kiss of your love.


1. Love is a beautiful feeling but with you make it meaningful for me.

2. I love you that's the only thing matter for me than anything else.

3. You always makes me complete with your love.

4. We fall in love at once, We love each other every moment.

Beautiful Status About Love

Love you means I love you for now, for tomorrow till my last breath & after it too.

Love Status

6. I fall for you more every time I see you.

7. I see many beautiful girl everyday but when I see you I see my life standing in front of me.

8. A beautiful face or a sexy body is not base of love, a beautiful heart full of care, truth to each is base of love.

9. Love can make your life beautiful as heaven, also it can burn you in hell.(Beautiful Status About Love)

Beautiful Status About Love

Life is very short love someone who can make short life special.

11. Everytime I sleep I dream of you, all day I think of you. You are only there in me.

12. I know your heart is the only shelter I always have. 

13. The most beautiful thing can't be see or touched, it only feel by heart & it called love.

14. Love doesn't mean to love a perfect person, you love a person who makes your heart perfect.

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Beautiful Status About Love

A kiss can solve any problem between us.

16. If you don't meet for a day, that day is a black day for me.(Beautiful Status About Love)

17. You are the only light in dark sky of my life.

18. Love is just a word, unless someone come to your life to give it a meaning.

19. I know you are not a Mr. Perfect, but you are perfect for me.

Beautiful Status About Love

Every time I see you your picture click in my heart.

21. Everyone has a great love story but our is awesome.

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22. Whenever I see in your eyes I only see mine.

23. Everytime I think of anything there is you always.

24. For me love starts with you & ends in you.

Beautiful Status About Love

Love is a complicated word, for someone it's another name of life & someone another pain of life 

26. The best feeling in life is to find someone who knows all your weaknesses & faults & still love you more than anything else.

27. Everytime I see you I just wanna to hug you.(Beautiful Status About Love)

28. When I see you smiling I forget all my pains at onces.

29. Love is bound between two souls accepting each other in the way they are.

Beautiful Status About Love

Love can be more beautiful with a right person

Love Status in English

31. When you fall in love for someone, everything seems beautiful to you.

32. I only did one beautiful mistake in my life that's you.

33. I love you, I don't know how much I love you but I love you more than anything else.

34. True love always grown in beautiful heart not in beautiful face.

Beautiful Status About Love

We can be get old, but not our love.

36. Yes you are beautiful but I only see your beautiful heart.(Beautiful Status About Love)

37. If everytime I hug you I can tell how much I love you, I will hold you in my arm for forever.

38. When we first see each other, we just zing together.

39. When I walk along with you, I never feel strees of life.

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Beautiful Status About Love

You make me complete with your love I love you

41. I love my life because there is you in it.

42. Loving you makes me feel alive.

43. I only want you with your all flaws, imperfections, mistakes & weaknesses.

44. Life becomes more beautiful by entering you in it.

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Beautiful Status About Love

I will love you tomorrow more than today.

46. Early I only live, now with you I love to live.(Beautiful Status About Love)

47. If you love someone tell it, sometimes life give you only one chance.

48. When everytime your fingers touch mine I feel a current in me.

49. Love doesn't require any expensive gift or candle light dinner, it requires care, believe & respect about each other. 

Beautiful Status About Love

I love you, not because you are beautiful but you make life meaningful.

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