Best 50 Beautiful Feelings of Love Quotes to Your Love

Feelings of Love Quotes 💞😘💏

Love is most beautiful sweet lovely feeling of our live. When you love someone you can do anything & everything for it. This love is a strong feelings that no one can deny. Being in love is one of the greatest feeling that could not be explained by any words. Feelings of Love Quotes here help you with express this strong lovely sweet feeling. We can't say these 50 Beautiful Feelings of Love Quotes can express all you feeling but it can surely help you out. Share this Best 50 Lovely Feelings of Love Quotes in your WhatsApp Facebook Instagram other social media to express your feelings to your loved ones.


1. Love is a precious feeling, not felt by everyone only felt by lucky one.

2. No one can imagine a life without love.

3. If I could give you one thing then I would give you my eyes so that you could how special you are to me.

4. I always choose you again & again without any doubt without any pause with my every heart beat. I love you.

Feelings of Love Quotes

Everything seems beautiful when you are in love & that's an amazing feeling.

6. Love is not just feeling it's a way of life to live.

Strong Love Quotes

7. Love a person is the easiest part but stick with that person for whole life with same love is hard.

8. Whenever I kissed you everytime it's feels like 1st time to me.

9. I love that when my phone ring I see you name.

Feelings of Love Quotes

I believe you are greatest thing that happen with me.

11. Love is a feeling where you smile seeing your special one happy.

12. It's a great feeling loving a person who loves you as much as you do.

I Love You Quotes

13. Love becomes more lovely when you love the same person more than yesterday.

14. When you feeling safe in someone's arm that's the feeling of true love.

Feelings of Love Quotes

To the world you are just a person but for one person you are the whole world.

16. Love doesn't measure how many hours, days, months or years you are together, it's simply how much you love each.

Love Quotes for Husband

17. When you see your loved one in that moment smile in your face is called love.

18. If you wanna to feel true feelings of life then love someone truely.

19. Best feeling when you look at that special person & that person already look at you with a smile.

Feelings of Love Quotes

It's a great feeling to be loved by you.

21. It just amazing a person just walk into you life & become your live, that's can only be happen in love.

22. Everytime I look at you I see my better side.

23. When you love someone you can go any far for that person, you can fight with the whole world, that's the feeling of love.

Love Quotes for Him

24. A best feeling when you look at him...& He already stare at you with a smile.

Feelings of Love Quotes

Love is not a great word not only to be said but to be feel too.

26. When you are in love you put someone's priority before yours.

27. When I see you for the first time my heart beat so fast & mouth gets shut. I sometimes till get that feeling to seeing you.

28. I really don't know when where & how much I love you but only thing I know I love you more than anything else.

29. Love can be written with only 4 letters but feeling of love can't be explain with all 26 letters.

Feelings of Love Quotes

Can you feel my heart beat 💖? It's beating your name on it.

31. I hate waiting but if waiting means be with you I can wait for forever to be just with you.

I Love You Quotes for Him 

32. Everytime I think of you I smile genuinely that's the feeling of love.

33. It's absolutely amazing feeling in the world being with someone who wants you as much you.

34. Just by seeing you I forget all my problems at onces.

Feelings of Love Quotes

Nothing can beat the feeling being in love & being loved.

36. Words are so insufficient to express my feelings for you.

37. Love is not a feeling it's a way of life.

Time and Love Quotes

38. For everyday I miss you, for every hour I need you, for every minute I feel you, for every second I want you. I love you forever.

39. You give a unexplainable feeling, no one else can do.

Feelings of Love Quotes

My doctor said I'm addicted to a drug & that you my love.

41. Most beautiful things on earth can't be seen, herd or touched it's just felt by hearts.

42. I love the feeling when you are angry but it just go away with smile.

Love and Support Quotes

43. Love has a great power & strength to take over any problems in life with a smile.

44. When I see in your eyes I see mine & that's make my everything nice.

Feelings of Love Quotes

I did a beautiful mistake & that's you.

46. I don't know when I'm with you I can't find any words to explain what I feel for you.

47. I feel most happy when you are around me.

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48. Every word in this world can't explain a true feelings of love.

49. When you are in front of me I can forget rest of the world.

Feelings of Love Quotes

Love is not the way you say. Love is the way you do.

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